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Doa Pilihan

Monday, April 27, 2009

Projek Warisan Budaya

Yesterday, Sunday 26th April 2009, 4 of our pupils (Rajie - Yr 6, Haziq - Yr 5, Hanapi - Yr 4 & Ak Isfahan - Yr 1) were involved in the Projek Warisan Budaya which was held at Sungai Liang Recreational Park and Sekolah Rendah Sungai Liang. The teachers involved were Cg Nazrin, Cg Hj Hannafi, Cg Akbar & Cg Ziana. Thanks to the teachers involved for waking up early in the morning just to fetch the pupils to Sungai Liang Recreational Park for the aerobic & hiking event.

Around 9 am, everyone went to SR Sungai Liang for the next event that was the Gulintangan and Traditional games workshops. Pupils were divided into groups (8 pupils per group). Each group were given 15 mins for each workshop.

Pupils concentrating on the Gulintangan workshop given by Juin Antin.
Cg Azlina (SR Ahmad Tajuddin) explaining to the pupils on how easy it is to play "Pasang".
Pupils having a go on "Pasang".

Other than "Pasang" there were also "Congkak" and "Simban". "Congkak" was presented by Cg Azimah and "Simban " by Cg Zety (SR Merangking).

Looks like Rajie (Yr 6) was having fun playing "Simban".

In the afternoon session, there were cultural performances performed by pupils from 9 schools. There were Silat (SR Merangking), Story-Telling (SR Labi), Persandingan Perkahwinan (SR OKPB Bukit Sawat), Pakaian Tradisional Puak Dusun & Iban (SR Lumut), Puisi (SR PSN Pg Mohd Yusof), Hadrah (SR Muhammad Alam), Puisi (SR PSB SOAS), Joget Baju Putih (SR Ahmad Tajuddin) & Sajak (SR Sungai Teraban). The main performances were from the Gulintangan workshop's group (conducted by Juin Antin's Gulintangan group). 2 groups were chosen as the best amongst all the groups that participated in this workshop, Labik and Gong. And in both groups our very own Rajie (Yr 6) played Labik for the Gong group and Ak Isfahan (Yr 1) played Gong for the Labik group. They can learn to play Gulintangan in just 15 mins (though they're not perfect).

Guest of honour, Awangku Abdullah bin Pengiran Haji Tengah, Director, Department of Curriculum Development.

Rajie was behind the Gulintangan (Gong's Group).

Ak Isfahan was the smallest in Labik's group.
Joget Baju Putih by our own SRAT pupils.
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