Doa Pilihan

Doa Pilihan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jollibee is HERE!!!

Pupils are excited because is here. They have lots of fun. There are different kinds of activities prepared by the Jollibee staffs. There are Hari Raya Card colouring contest, Hip Hip Hoorey Hoorey game, collecting elastic bands match and "Simon Says". There's also prize giving presentation for the Hari Raya Card colouring contest winner and a chance for the pupils to meet Jollibee Mascot. Pupils are given foods and beverages supplied by Jollibee. Pupils are entertained.


Final "Azan Subuh dan Doanya & Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim" Competition

Yesterday, Tuesday, 18th August at 8 a.m, SR Ahmad Tajuddin was the host for the final competition of "Azan Subuh dan Doanya & Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim Senegara". 17 schools competed in this competition. 9 boys competed for the "Azan Subuh dan Doanya" and 9 girls competed for "Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim".

Our Guest of Honour, Dr Hjh Jamilah bt Hj Mohd Yusof (Wife of our Belait District Officer) was accompanied by our Headmistress, Cg Hjh Siti Ajija and Assistant Headmistress, Cg Noor Aida.

Our MCs, Cg Faizal & Cg Dewi Fitriza

Ustaz Sahrin began the competition with the reciting of Surah Al-Fatihah. Then our Headmistress gave a short speech about this competition and her hopes on what to be achieved at the end of this competition. The RTB crews were here also filming for the RTB news that night.

"Azan Subuh dan Doanya" participants:-
Abdul Muin b Hj Abdul Hamid - SR Amar Pahlawan, Brunei IIA - 82%

Mohd Shahaidil b Abdul Halim - SR Tumpuan Telisai, Tutong - 82.5%

Muhammad Taufiq Aiman b Hj Hishamuddin - St Andrew's School - 2nd place winner - 88.0%
Mayzrel Eizran b Awg Masran - SR Katok A, Brunei III - 3rd place winner - 88.0%

Afif Rusydi b Hj Kartolo - SR Keriam, Tutong I - 83.0%

Md Nabil Faiz b Hj Md Naim - SR Sungai Liang - 85.5%

Abdul Hafiz b Zaman - SR Serasa, Brunei IIB - 86.5%

Muhammad Hakim b Muhammad Amin - SR Sultan Hashim, Temburong - 87.0%

Mohd Amirul Arifin b Hj Noraidi - SR PB Limau Manis - 1st place winner - 96.0%

"Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim" participants:-
Khairul Mardhiah bt Abidin - SR HMS Sg Hanching, Brunei IIB - 83.0%

Dk Nuranis Amal Fikriyah bt Pg Hj Kamarudzaman - SR Masin, Brunei III - 87.5%

Dk Amal Zahirah bt Pg Hj Jofri - SR Pulaie, Brunei IIA - 1st place winner - 95.5%

Nur Arifah Zahirah bt Hj Mat Salleh - SR Hj Tarif, Brunei I - 88.0%

Nor Sabrina bt Ratna - SR Katok A, Brunei III - 85.0%

Nurul Ain bt Alipudin - St Margaret's School, Seria - 87.0%

Nur Syakirah bt Hj Aminuddin - SR PKN Bukit Beruang, Tutong II - 2nd place winner - 91.5%

Irsalina Syakirah bt Muhammad Ikbal - SR Penanjong, Tutong I - 82.0%

Haifa Hamizah bt Rosli - SR Puni, Temburong - 3rd place winner - 91.0%

While waiting for the results, the participants and audiences were entertained by SRAT's nasyid group.

Judges,Ustaz Muhammad Buang b Omar (head of judge), Ustaz Masleajizul b Hj Ramli, Ustaz Rahimi b Hj Timbang, Ustaz Syeikh Ahmad b Said Abdun & Ustaz Amerul Shah b Awg Hj Besar and the clerks, Cg Sharinah & Cg Hjh Harinah were discusing and counting the final results.

The Head Judge presenting reviews on the overall competition and revealing the results of the competition.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Farewell to Ustaz Hj Hannafi b Hj Sunny who's transferred to SR Sukang. We're gonna miss you.

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee competition was conducted by Cg Judith on Saturday, 1st August at 12 noon in Year 6 Brilliant class. 10 pupils were chosen from Year 4, 5 and 6 to participate in this competition. Only 1 participant will represent SR Ahmad Tajuddin to the District Spelling Bee competition which is held today, 12th August at SR Sg Liang. Md Syyhirifudin b Radie was the lucky participant after competing with 9 other participants in SR Ahmad Tajuddin. Good luck to Md Syyhirifudin and make SRAT proud.

The participants were:
  1. Md Syyrihifudin b Radie - Year 6 Active
  2. Amin Rozzman b Rosli- Year 6 Brilliant
  3. Mu'izzah Musta'eenah bt Mustaffa - Year 6 Brilliant
  4. Siti Maisarah Munirah bt Mohd Shah - Year 6 Creative
  5. Ak Khairuddin b Pg Zahari - Year 5 Active
  6. Natasha Isabella bt Ubaidillah - Year 5 Brilliant
  7. Muhammad Yazid b Yahya - Year 5 Creative
  8. Liza Nur Syahidah bt Julini -Year 4 Brilliant
  9. Md Syyhaabudin b Radie - Year 4 Creative
  10. Farrah Akmal bt Abd Rahim - Year 4 Creative