Doa Pilihan

Doa Pilihan

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Majlis Kesyukuran Daerah Belait. Congratulations!!!!

Congratulations to:
  • Cg Hjh Salmah bt Hj Mohammad (Penghargaan Guru Bagi Pra Sekolah)
  • Cg Hjh Harinah bt Hj Mohd Shara (Penghargaan Guru Bagi Rendah Bawah)
  • Cg Rafieah bt Hj Morshidi (Penghargaan Guru Bagi Rendah Atas)
  • Cg Asmah bt Karim, Cg Judith Liew Min Cho, Cg Maslinah bt Alim, Cg Asnah bt Kamis, Cg Sarinah bt Hj Abd Wahab & Cg Shim Shan Wei (Penghargaan Guru-Guru darjah 6 bagi Tahun 2008)
  • SR Ahmad Tajuddin for 93.44% passes in PSR 2008 (Anugerah Akademik)
  • Cg Dk Sakdiah bt Pg Mat Salleh (Penganugerahan Guru Berinovatif)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Projek Warisan Budaya

Yesterday, Sunday 26th April 2009, 4 of our pupils (Rajie - Yr 6, Haziq - Yr 5, Hanapi - Yr 4 & Ak Isfahan - Yr 1) were involved in the Projek Warisan Budaya which was held at Sungai Liang Recreational Park and Sekolah Rendah Sungai Liang. The teachers involved were Cg Nazrin, Cg Hj Hannafi, Cg Akbar & Cg Ziana. Thanks to the teachers involved for waking up early in the morning just to fetch the pupils to Sungai Liang Recreational Park for the aerobic & hiking event.

Around 9 am, everyone went to SR Sungai Liang for the next event that was the Gulintangan and Traditional games workshops. Pupils were divided into groups (8 pupils per group). Each group were given 15 mins for each workshop.

Pupils concentrating on the Gulintangan workshop given by Juin Antin.
Cg Azlina (SR Ahmad Tajuddin) explaining to the pupils on how easy it is to play "Pasang".
Pupils having a go on "Pasang".

Other than "Pasang" there were also "Congkak" and "Simban". "Congkak" was presented by Cg Azimah and "Simban " by Cg Zety (SR Merangking).

Looks like Rajie (Yr 6) was having fun playing "Simban".

In the afternoon session, there were cultural performances performed by pupils from 9 schools. There were Silat (SR Merangking), Story-Telling (SR Labi), Persandingan Perkahwinan (SR OKPB Bukit Sawat), Pakaian Tradisional Puak Dusun & Iban (SR Lumut), Puisi (SR PSN Pg Mohd Yusof), Hadrah (SR Muhammad Alam), Puisi (SR PSB SOAS), Joget Baju Putih (SR Ahmad Tajuddin) & Sajak (SR Sungai Teraban). The main performances were from the Gulintangan workshop's group (conducted by Juin Antin's Gulintangan group). 2 groups were chosen as the best amongst all the groups that participated in this workshop, Labik and Gong. And in both groups our very own Rajie (Yr 6) played Labik for the Gong group and Ak Isfahan (Yr 1) played Gong for the Labik group. They can learn to play Gulintangan in just 15 mins (though they're not perfect).

Guest of honour, Awangku Abdullah bin Pengiran Haji Tengah, Director, Department of Curriculum Development.

Rajie was behind the Gulintangan (Gong's Group).

Ak Isfahan was the smallest in Labik's group.
Joget Baju Putih by our own SRAT pupils.
Photos credits to:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On to the SEMIFINAL!!!

Today our school went for the "Tarian Asli Brunei" competition which was held in SR Rimba 1. Cg Hjh Farizan, Cg Dewi Fitriza and Cg Azlina were the teachers involved in bringing the dancers to SR Rimba 1. We took off from school at 12 noon and arrived there at half past 1. We're the first to arrive. While waiting for the other competitors to arrive we managed to do stage-blocking. The competition began around half past 2. SRAT was the 7th contestant to perform. Our dancers don't seem to be nervous.They performed well. The results were announced on that evening, too, at the end of the competition. But we didn't wait for the result as we have to go back to KB before 6pm. On the way back to KB, some colleague texted us the results... "Daleng, dpt kamu" (From Cg Jamilah, SRAP) & "Dng sek kamu masuk semi final. Sek kami pun masuk semi jua dng. Hehehe.. Congrats." (from Cg Azimah, SRBSB). We told the girls that they're going to the semi final and they said, "Banar kan teacher?" They didn't sound convinced. Hahahaha... well girls, you're in! SRAT IS GOING TO THE SEMI FINAL!!!! Alhamdulillah.... Hooray...!! Congrats to all SRAT's dancers and also to Cg Hjh Farizan & Cg Dewi Fitriza for all your hard work and effort. Do your best for the semi yarr...
There are 30 schools that are going to compete on 13th May (am & pm) at Dewan Muhibbah, Airport Lama Berakas. Here are the list.

Indung Anak
1) SR Haji Tarif, Brunei I. (79.75%)
2) SR Tunas Jaya, PGGMB, Lambak. (70.00%)

Joget Baju Putih
1) SR Raja Isteri Fatimah, Brunei I. (76.70%)
2) SR PAP Besar, Brunei I. (71.33%)
3) SR Sg Kebun, Brunei I. (74.08%)

1) SR Dato Othman, Brunei IIA. (81.00%)
2) SR PSJ PA Momin, Kg Pandan, Kuala Belait (73.66%)

Lanang Beladu Lanang
1) SR Jerudong, Brunei IV (69.80%)
2) SR Anggerek Desa, Brunei IIA (69.58%)

1) SR SM Hashim, Batu Apoi, Temburong. (84.70%)
2) SR Pehin Dato Jamil, Brunei I (83.83%)
3) SR Dato Md Yaasin, Brunei IIB (83.25%)

Alus Jua Dendang
1) SR HMJM, Kiulap, Brunei III (85.75%)
2) SR Dato Marsal, Brunei IIA (81.25%)
3) SR Amar Pahlawan, Brunei IIA (83.75%)

Hola Hela
1) SR Bendahara Sakam Bunut, Brunei III. (78.92%)
2) SR Beribi, Telanai, Brunei III (78.80%)

1) SR PPSD Sahibul Bandar, Perpindahan Mata-Mata Gadong, Brunei III. (83.90%)
2) SR Katok A, Brunei III (77.33%)

1) SR Pusar Ulak, Brunei I (80.50%)
2) SR Kg Mata-Mata, Gadong, Brunei III (79.80%)

1) SR Sengkurong, Brunei IV (82.92%)
2) SR Sultan Hassan, Temburong (81.25%)
3) SR Muhammad Alam, Seria, Kuala Belait. (79.50%)

Kayum O Ya Kayum
1) SR Sg Siamas, Brunei I. (82.75%)
2) SR Ahmad Tajuddin, Kuala Belait (81.08%)
3) SR Chung Hwa, Kuala Belait. (78.80%)

Jipin Lela Sembah
1) SR Delima Satu, Brunei IIB (81.25%)
2) SR PSN Md Yusof, Seria, Kuala Belait (75.90%)
3) SR Tentera Laut Diraja, Brunei IIB. (72.50%)
Congratulations to all....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ASEAN Corner is just around the CORNER....

ASEAN Corner... "THAILAND!" "LAOS!" "Who's in-charge of PHILIPPINE?" "Where's mine? Where's CAMBODIA's stuffs?"
Teachers are busy collecting and giving out their pupils' project work on ASEAN. LAOS corner is almost done. Superb job done by Cg Hjh Normah, Cg Mariah & Cg Hj Othman.

Tomorrow SRAT is going for the "Tarian Asli Brunei" competition. The pupils are ready. Good luck for tomorrow girls. And good luck to Cg Hjh Farizan & Cg Dewi Fitriza. They've worked so hard for tomorrow. We'll support you all the way till the finals... AMIN!!!!

Nasyid practice...

Nasyid perfomance for the "Azan & menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim" competition are doing their best during practice. They've been practising since last week. They've got great voices. Thanks to Cg Sharinah & Cg Hjh Farizan for your dedication. We're almost ready for 4th May, insyaAllah.

Another birthday "mom"

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We celebrated Cg Hjh Salmah's 50th Birthday yesterday (14th April). There's a birthday cake sponsored by SRAT's teachers (as usual), doa selamat & eating ceremony... everyones favourite part of the celebration... LOL!!!

Updates on the "Azan & Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim' Competition.

The hall is 80% ready for the 'Azan & Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim' Competition said Ustaz Sahrin.
Making SRAT's hall colourful... careful guys... we still need you... hahaha...

The contractors were fixing the ceiling.

Ustaz Sahrin, Ustaz Hanapi & Cg Roshidi... Looking busy eh guys...???

Thursday, April 09, 2009 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Happy Birthday..... Guess who?

GB cuts her birthday cake sponsored by SRAT's teachers & TP teacher.
Taking pics with the birthday 'mom'.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We're 3rd throughout KB!!! Congratulations....

Just got the the news from our collegues! We're in the 3rd place for FOOTBALL & NETBALL competitions (recently held in March) for KB schools competitions!! Alhamdulillah... Though we didn't get to the finals at least we're in the TOP 3!!! Congrats to SRAT's football & netball players & teachers-in-charge for your hard work... Keep up the good work & hope we'll go to the finals next time.. InsyaAllah....
SRAT's netball players
SRAT's supporters
Prize presentation
Teachers in-charge and supporters
Look at us...
Our trophies....